VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario

Local Lawn Care Services

Based in Sherkston ON, VanDuzen Lawn Care serves commercial clients throughout the Niagara Region and residential clients in Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara Falls and Port Colborne.

In addition to general lawn cutting, trimming and cleanups, VanDuzen Lawn Care provides commercial and residential property owners with the following recommended services.


VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario
Fertilizing and weed control are essential for maintaining lush, green lawns. Give your lawn the nutrients it requires to be thick and green!

& Over Seeding

VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario
If your lawn is looking a little thin, aerating and over-seeding will help you get oxygen to the roots and allow old grass to decompose faster for a more nutrient-rich lawn.


VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario
We can add mulch to flower beds to help keep moisture in and weeds out for a more attractive-looking bed while helping it to survive the hot summer months and long, cold winters.


VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario
We remove the leaves from the entire yard, including your flower beds. This is usually done in the spring and fall. VanDuzen Lawn Care is dedicated to restoring your lawn and garden beds to pristine condition, letting you relax and enjoy them.

Flower Bed Maintenance

From spring cleanup to winterization VanDuzen lawn care can make sure your garden stays weed free and looking beautiful all year. VanDuzen lawn care achieves this through weekly maintenance clean ups, edging, trimming of shrubs and weeding so your property always looks it’s best.

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