Local Family-Owned
Lawn Care Business

Based in Sherkston ON, VanDuzen Lawn Care serves commercial clients throughout the Niagara Region and residential clients in Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara Falls and Port Colborne.

Quality Work and Reliable Service

We receive many clients through referrals, thanks to our professional work ethic and quality lawn maintenance services. We offer cutting, trimming and cleanup services to ensure your lawn and gardens look great and stay healthy. Not everyone has the time to maintain their landscaping, so VanDuzen Lawn Care is there to help you keep everything neat, tidy and thriving.

We believe that our clients deserve to enjoy their yards without the hassle of maintaining them!

VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario
Commercial Property Maintenance
In addition to helping homeowners with their yard work, we offer our services to local commercial property owners and managers. Businesses, like houses, are often judged by their outward appearance. Many business owners or property managers don’t have the time or skill to perform routine yard maintenance and cleanups. VanDuzen Lawn Care will take care of your yard maintenance needs so that you can focus on building and managing your business.
VanDuzen Lawn Care, in Niagara, Ontario

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